Corporate associations


The Library Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan (LARK) - was registered according to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1997. It unites, on a voluntary basis, libraries, institutions and people professionally connected with library science, who are interested in the development of libraries and library science.

•  TheAssociation of Libraries of Higher educational Institutions of RK (RK)

•  The Kazakhstan Center of Corporate Cataloguing (KCCC) was created with the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2002.  After the first steps and increased work experience, Center activity today progressed. The Summary electronic catalog “Kazakhstanika” (SEC) has been created which includes about 400,000 records .

The Information Consortium of Kazakhstan Libraries is the all-Kazakhstan noncommercial voluntary association of libraries and other organizations. The main purpose isto assist in ensuring free, equal access for patrons to the integrated information resources of Kazakhstan and foreign countries through computer technologies, telecommunications, and the Internet.

•  Librarians of Kazakhstan

•  The East Kazakhstan association of librarians activity is directed toward the improvement of library and information services to patrons and to increase the professional level of librarians in the region. The main goals are to implement  innovative library technologies, to stimulate creative activity of librarians and to protectprofessional interests.

Library association of Atyrau region


•  The association of regional library consortia (ARLICON)is a non-profit partnership, that unit Russian libraries and information centers; membership is voluntary.  ARLICON was registered on May 18, 2002.  The aim is the coordination of library activity to improve the quality of services by modernizing management of library resources through the library consortia.

Russian Information Library Consortium – has a portal which provides an enhanced search of bibliographic data and full-text resources in the electronic catalogs of the five largest Russian libraries: Library for Foreign Literature (Moscow), Scientific Library of Moscow State University, Public Library (?), Russian State Library, Russian National Library (St. Petersburg).

The National Information and Library Center "LIBNET" was created as an autonomous non-profit organization in April, 2001 by two national libraries of Russia: Russian State Library and Russian National Library with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Association of Users and Developers of Electronic Libraries and New Information Technologies was developed as a union of creative potentials of modern information technologies and software for the creation, development and implementation of digital libraries (DLs), telecommunication systems, user training, and new information technologies (NIT) in various fields of human activity

The Russian Association of Electronic Libraries was established in 2005 by the Russian State Library and several other organizations.
The Russian Library Association (RLA) – is a professional organization of Russian librarians with Programs, projects, and conferences.

Russian School Library Association (RSLA) represents the largest library network in Russia, bringing together more than 60,000 school libraries.

Information Directory portal The catalog of library sites placed in this section has more than 2400 addresses of Russian libraries of various types and affiliations.  The neighboring countries are represented by 265 sites of libraries of various types, and for foreign countries by 134 national and 285 public libraries.  In the long term these sections of the catalog will be considerably enriched by information about the sites; beginning with public libraries.


International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) founded in 1927. The website contains information about the organization, as well as materials from the annual international conferences.
International Coalitionof Library Consortia

•  American Library Association (ALA) is a  Professional organization of American librarians.  Information related to international activities in the field of library science, including international experiences.

• Association of Research Libraries

Consortium of European Research Libraries

•  Conference of European National Librarians

"Baltic Library" Association

Online Computer Library Center is a non-profit organization uniting over 10,000 libraries worldwide and providing users with a wide set of library services through remote access.

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